Mini Tracker Receiver added 2

We have just added a simplified low-cost receiver. This works as well as the other receivers but with fewer additional features and at a lower cost. See the product item: HERE See the tracker receiver support page: HERE

tracker mini receiver

experimenting with solar pv

More Solar System Notes

Experimenting with Solar PV Prompted by a telemarketing call I talked to the sales rep and updated some notes on home solar power systems. What they were offering seemed reasonable, maybe very slightly higher than  you could find by shopping around, but they offered a 40 month payment plan. For […]

Raspberry Pi Power Board

Back in 2013 I designed a board to power a Raspberry Pi in a vehicle. It provides 5V regulated for the R-Pi and 12V switched for accessories. The idea is to power up the R-Pi when the ignition was switched on and allow the R-Pi to power down after the […]

Raspberry Pi power board

Home Automation – IOT – Security – Future Support

Just a collection of thoughts I have no plan or intention with this. It is at the moment just a collection of thoughts; based on some experience. There are few things in a home now that need to or are expected to last more than a few years. It’s only […]

High power Dual-Colour LED strobe 4

A new Strobe This strobe can be supplied as a dual-colour or single-colour configuration. As dual-colour it alternates between the two colours. RC PPM control allows it to be switch on/off in flight, and between two patterns. The RC control lead can be cut off if not required and the […]

dual colour LED strobe

FPV transmitter mounting

Multi-rotor FPV Transmitter and LED Mounting

Video Transmitter Mounting The small video transmitters get quite hot.  They are supplied covered in a protective heat-shrink which also reduces their heat dissipation.  The hotter they run the less reliable they are; or the more likely they are to fail. This mount was assembled with heat dissipation and a […]

Smaller Quads and Lost Model Tracker

250 size FPV quad racing Finding a 250 size quad in long grass can be a problem. I suggest using at least a audio alarm. The racing circuit is usually well defined and searchable. RF trackers work best over longer ranges. The beeper will help within the last 20 meters […]

lost model tracker fitted to small quad

StorM32 BGC Ebay

Gimbal Controllers – another look 4

What’s Current Looking to see what is current, well supported and/or well documented, open-source, available and at a reasonable price. There seems to be some activity at the moment around the StorM32 brushless gimbal controller (BGC). It looks to be quite well documented. Unfortunately, no Linux support. Although it claims […]