Monthly Archives: November 2013

High Power LED Strobe for RC aircraft

I have just been experimenting with a new high power LED strobe. Details here. Designed with RC models in mind especially larger gliders and FPV models, it is intended to make these more visible at a distance. Range testing so far along ground level suggests that the strobe is visible […]

LED strobe page

Lost Model Tracker – site updates

The domain home page has been changed to provide quick basic info before getting into the detail pages and navigating the blog. Pages recently updated the info pages for the lost model tracker transmitter, receiver and yagi antenna. I still have my links page which I have set to my […]

q-bot repair

Q-BOT Quadcopter – repair 1

What is it At US$39 these are possibly not worth repairing, but it’s always interesting to see what’s inside, how it works and there’s the challenge of making it work again. Available from Hobbyking. Most parts are available as spares. The problem – The repair One motor then two wouldn’t […]